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Detector takes only 10 minutes

You don’t have to schedule a lot of time for the plagiarism detector. You’ll receive the results of your check just 10 min. after uploading your paper.


No saving to a database

The plagiarism detector will automatically and permanently delete your work from the server after the check, so you don’t have to worry about data privacy.


Compared with billions of sources

When using the BachelorPrint plagiarism detector, your thesis will be compared to billions of online sources, checking your paper for duplicate content.


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Up to 8.000 words

Only 10 minutes processing time

No saving in database

All languages

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Up to 60.000 words

Only 10 minutes processing time

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All languages

Compared with billions of freely accessible sources

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More than 60.000 words

Only 10 minutes processing time

No saving in database

All languages

Compared with billions of freely accessible sources

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Information on the Plagiarism Detector

It takes weeks or months to write a paper. You spend lots of energy to submit the perfect paper. Don’t leave the possibility that you might have forgotten to correctly cite a source to chance – the last thing you want is to have committed plagiarism.

Play it safe with a plagiarism detector. You can check your thesis in just 10 minutes. All it takes is a few clicks. Just upload your paper and the plagiarism detector will compare your paper to billions of online sources. When the detector is finished, you will receive a plagiarism report, showing the results of the check and making it easy to improve your thesis!


Max. file size

50 MB


Maximum number of pages

350 pages, equivalent to approx. 750,000 characters

plagiarism-detector-comparison (1)

Detector sources

public sources that are available on the web

plagiarism-detector-in-10-min (1)

Amount of time

approx. 10 mins

File formats supported by the plagiarism checker


Tip for the plagiarism detector
The plagiarism detector is very thorough and scans every passage in your uploaded paper, including tables and indexes. If you don’t want the plagiarism detector to scan these parts of your paper, create a document that does not include these parts.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about the plagiarism detector
If you still have any questions about the plagiarism detector, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here: See FAQs

Tip: Print your thesis with BachelorPrint and save 10%
You can save yourself an extra 10% when you print your thesis with BachelorPrint by using the plagiarism detector. You will receive a 10% coupon after the plagiarism detector is finished which you can redeem in our Online-Shop!

Plagiarism Detector Process


Easy upload of your paper.

The right plagiarism package will be selected automatically.

In the first step, upload the file for the paper, thesis, assignment, or dissertation to be checked, to our server. Our system supports all common formats: Word, PDF and Open Office. You can also upload several documents at the same time. After the upload, the word count of your thesis will automatically be detected and the plagiarism detector selects the right plagiarism package for you. Now the plagiarism finder starts its work.

Detect plagiarism by checking billions of sources

The text will now be extracted from your file and divided into individual sections by our plagiarism detector. These so-called phrases will then be checked for plagiarism. The BachelorPrint plagiarism detector will compare your work with content from the World Wide Web using special algorithms. This involves comparing your work against billions of sources, checking them for content that is duplicated in your thesis. By the way, the plagiarism detector is available in more than 10 languages and you can use the detector for all of these languages.


The plagiarism report. Easy to understand. Identified plagiarism is quoted and assigned a color using a traffic light scheme.

The results of the scan are shown in a plagiarism report in PDF format. Here you can see exactly where plagiarisms have been identified in your text. In addition, links to the original source are provided. The report also shows you the percentage of plagiarism in your paper, assignment or thesis. This value should be below 5%. In summary, you will see the overall result as a percentage of matches.

Sample plagiarism report after the plagiarism detector online

Plagiarism detector in just 10 minutes. Play it safe!

Play it safe. Leave nothing to chance!


The plagiarism detector  working on a bachelor’s or master’s thesis (60-80 pages), normally takes between 10 and 20 minutes. It depends on the number of words submitted. In the case of longer pieces of work (200-300 pages), the plagiarism detector can take up to an hour.

Yes! The plagiarism detector works in all languages. Regardless of the language or if you’re writing a masters’s thesis, or an essay, the plagiarism detector will work for you.

No! For data protection reasons, we don’t save any of our customers’ uploaded documents. We delete them from our server within 24 hours! Upload your document and you’ll have your plagiarism report within the day! Start your plagiarism check now.

No! You can just upload your document, choose your payment method and then use the plagiarism detector without a user account or registering. It’s quick and easy, plus, none of your data will be saved once the check is completed. Start your plagiarism check right away!

All publicly accessible online sources will be used in the plagiarism detection. This includes publicly accessible websites, books, reports, journals etc. Databases where payment is required are excluded. If you’re having trouble organizing and referencing your sources properly, head over to our blog. We have many articles about proper citation and referencing.

If the book is online in a publicly accessible database, then the plagiarism detection will also find this source. However, if you have cited the hard copy of a book and it also exists online, then this may be picked up by the plagiarism detector. If you have cited the source, you have no need to worry- it’s simply an extra precaution. Check out our blog post for more information about citing books.

The BachelorPrint plagiarism detector doesn’t save any uploaded work for data protection reasons, unlike Turnitin. Accordingly, we don’t rely on the same data base as Turnitin.

However, our plagiarism detector searches billions of publicly available sources on the World Wide Web.

Information: If the work is scanned for plagiarism in advance with Turnitin, and the university also uses Turnitin, there is a considerable potential risk for the writer. As Turnitin saves the uploaded work, this will then be in their database. If the university scans the same work on it, it will then be classified as complete plagiarism. We have already heard this a few times. The student’s work was therefore failed in the first instance and they had to prove that they had written the document saved by Turnitin.

It’s possible that the email has gone into your spam folder. In really rare cases, our email with the plagiarism report from the plagiarism detector might have been blocked by your email provider and hasn’t been received. Please contact us at [email protected]. We will email you the plagiarism report again.

For an overview, only text passages that might contain plagiarism are shown in the plagiarism report. The other pages where no plagiarism is suspected will not be shown. So less pages in your plagiarism report is really a good sign- it means that you’ve cited your sources correctly. Take a look at our blog article for more information about referencing and citation styles.

It’s possible that a section of text is marked as suspected plagiarism even though it has already been correctly cited, for example from a book. This happens if the software finds a further online source. In this case, the suspected plagiarism can be ignored and serves as extra peace of mind.

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