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Leather book binding

Leather book binding is our highest quality product among bindings. With this binding your thesis becomes unique and you give the valuable content the appropriate high-quality packaging. The leather book binding is ideal for a noble embossing with the logo of your university and the title of your work.


Thermal binding

The thermal binding is the classic student binding. This binding has a wide range of uses, from small student theses to extensive doctoral theses. Choose from seven color variants for inexpensive thermal binding and adapt it to the topic of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.



The softcover is our most flexible binding for the bachelor thesis. The reason is the completely freely designable cover. Give your thesis a personal touch and create your binding in your own personal design. This binding is a bestseller especially for students in creative study fields.


Spiral binding

Spiral binding or comb binding has a wide range of uses for printing & binding theses. This starts with small term papers and extends to dissertations that have to be printed in large quantities. BachelorPrint offers the spiral binding in two different versions – either with a metal or plastic spiral. Similar to thermal binding, you can choose from seven different colors for the back page cardboard.


If you are about to hand in your term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation, you can choose from a number of bindings. However, not all of them are equally suitable for every scientific paper. In principle, you can choose from the following types of bindings:

  • Leather book binding
  • Thermal binding
  • Spiral binding
  • Comb binding
  • Softcover

In our online configurator you can see in a few clicks how your thesis would look like with the respective binding.

You can find the right binding for your scientific thesis in your local copy store or at an online provider such as BachelorPrint. Keep in mind that you can usually only find a small selection of bindings at a copy store in your city and that you usually can’t finish them and don’t know in advance what the finished product will look like.

In our online shop you will find a unique 3D preview and the look inside function, which allows you to browse through your configured binding at your leisure. This way, you can easily find and fix formatting or layout errors before printing and binding. In addition you can have your individual logo embossed on your thesis, choose book corners, get your thesis on a CD or a ribbon, for example, and thus make your thesis truly unique.

There are some criteria you should consider when you want to print and bind your paper. Quality is of course the most important thing. The binding and printing should be clean. But also the price is an important factor, especially for students, when choosing the right binding. At BachelorPrint, for example, you can get the spiral binding for just $7.90.

Ultimately, the binding must be appropriate to the occasion and the significance of the respective student research project. A simple seminar paper in a leather book binding might be a little too much of a good thing, while it is perfectly suited for a final paper such as the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

Our tip: If you have to submit several copies of your thesis, you can order different bindings. Choose, for example, the leather book binding for submission to your professor and an thermal binding for storing the bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or phd thesis at your college or university.

The costs that arise, for example, if you have your bachelor thesis printed and bound, depend on the respective binding and the number of pages of your thesis. You can get a spiral binding from us for as little as . For an exact price calculation, you can use our online shop. Choose your desired binding and the corresponding number of pages of your thesis and get your individual price.

A bachelor’s thesis is your first important scientific thesis and a real milestone in your academic career. This importance should also be expressed by the commitment you choose to make when you have your bachelor thesis printed and bound. We recommend the leather book binding, which offers you many options for finishing. For example, you can have the logo of your college or university embossed in your desired color, choose a ribbon and additional book corners.